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Foundations of Uncertain-Data Integration

Agrawal, Parag and Das Sarma, Anish and Ullman, Jeffrey and Widom, Jennifer Foundations of Uncertain-Data Integration. In: VLDB 2010.




There has been considerable past work studying data integration and uncertain data in isolation. We develop the theory of local-as-view (LAV) data integration when the sources being integrated are uncertain. We motivate two distinct settings for uncertain-data integration. We then define containment of uncertain databases in these settings, which allows us to express uncertain sources as views over a virtual mediated uncertain database. Next, we define consistency of a set of uncertain sources and show intractability of consistency-checking. We identify an interesting special case for which consistency-checking is polynomial. Finally, the notion of certain answers from traditional LAV data integration does not generalize to the uncertain setting, so we define a corresponding notion of correct answers.

Item Type:Conference or Workshop Item (Paper)
Uncontrolled Keywords:data integration, uncertainty, containment, consistency checking, LAV
ID Code:846
Deposited By:Parag Agrawal
Deposited On:13 Aug 2008 17:00
Last Modified:21 May 2010 17:35

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