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Efficient Parsing-based Keyword Search over Databases

Parameswaran, Aditya and Kaushik, Raghav and Arasu, Arvind Efficient Parsing-based Keyword Search over Databases. Technical Report. Stanford InfoLab.




We study a parsing-based semantics for keyword search over databases that relies on parsing the search query using a grammar. The parsing-based semantics is often used to override the traditional “bag-of-words” semantics in web search and enterprise search scenarios. Compared to the “bag-of-words” semantics, the parsing-based semantics is richer and more customizable. While a formalism for parsing-based semantics for keyword search has been proposed in prior work and ad-hoc implementations exist, the problem of designing efficient algorithms to support the semantics is largely unstudied. In this paper, we present a suite of efficient algorithms and auxiliary indexes for this problem. Our algorithms work for a broad classes of grammars used in practice, and cover a variety of database matching functions (set- and substring-containment, approximate and exact equality) and scoring functions to filter and rank different parses. We formally analyze the running time complexity of our algorithms and provide a thorough empirical evaluation over real-world data to show that our algorithms scale well with the size of the database and grammar

Item Type:Techreport (Technical Report)
ID Code:1057
Deposited By:Aditya Parameswaran
Deposited On:17 Oct 2012 20:39
Last Modified:17 Oct 2012 20:39

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