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CrowdFill: A System for Collecting Structured Data from the Crowd

Park, Hyunjung and Widom, Jennifer CrowdFill: A System for Collecting Structured Data from the Crowd. In: 23rd International World Wide Web Conference (WWW), Seoul, Korea.


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CrowdFill is a system for collecting structured data from the crowd. Unlike a typical microtask-based approach, CrowdFill shows an entire partially-filled table to all participating workers; workers collaboratively complete the table by filling in empty cells, as well as upvoting and downvoting data entered by other workers, using CrowdFill’s intuitive data entry interface. CrowdFill ensures data entry is leading to a final table that satisfies prespecified constraints, and its compensation scheme encourages workers to submit useful, high-quality work. We demonstrate how CrowdFill collects structured data from the crowd, from the perspective of a user as well as from the perspective of workers.

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