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Buidling Middleware for Higher-Order Object Data Management.

Kaufmann, H. and Rys, M. and Schek, H. (1997) Buidling Middleware for Higher-Order Object Data Management. Technical Report. Stanford InfoLab. (Publication Note: Informatik. Publication of the Swiss Informatics Society.)




Future object managers will utilise existing relational database systems as primitive building blocks replacing today's file systems. SQL, similar to assembler language today, will be used to implement higher-order object managers. Current middleware layers will be extended to a coordination layer that uses and controls different database systems used as storage systems and as index managers. We substantiate this claim by presenting two middleware prototype systems as first steps into this visionary direction. One provides a generic object data model layer to the clients. It is mapped to a relational multiprocessor database system. The other is a textual document object manager that is implemented using a TP-monitor together with a relational multi-processor system for storage management. A key aspect in both prototypes is high-level parallelism for high performance in terms of response times and throughput. We achieve this by a synthesis of research results in the area of multi-level transactions with existing transaction processing technology in relational database systems. This synthesis allows to transform intra-transaction parallelism to inter-transaction parallelism with the advantage of the latter being well supported by today's database systems. Practical evaluations show significant improvements compared to conventional solutions

Item Type:Techreport (Technical Report)
Uncontrolled Keywords:Object manager middleware, intra-transaction parallelism, high-level parallelism
Subjects:Computer Science > Data Integration and Mediation
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