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The WHIPS Prototype for Data Warehouse Creation and Maintenance

Labio, W. and Zhuge, Y. and Wiener, J. and Gupta, H. and Garcia-Molina, H. and Widom, J. (1997) The WHIPS Prototype for Data Warehouse Creation and Maintenance. In: ACM International Conference on Management of Data (SIGMOD 1997), May 13-15, 1997, Tucson, Arizona.




A data warehouse is a repository of integrated information from distributed, autonomous, and possibly heterogeneous, sources. In effect, the warehouse stores one or more materialized views of the source data. The data is then readily available to user applications for querying and analysis. Figure 1 shows the basic architecture of a warehouse: data is collected from each source, integrated with data from other sources, and stored at the warehouse. Users then access the data directly from the warehouse. As suggested by Figure 1, there are two major components in a warehouse system: the integration component, responsible for collecting and maintaining the materialized views, and the query and analysis component, responsible for fulfilling the information needs of specific end users. Note that the two components are not independent. For example, which views the integration component materializes depends on the expected needs of end users. Most current commercial warehousing systems (e.g., Redbrick, Sybase, Arbor) focus on the query and analysis component, providing specialized index structures at the warehouse and extensive querying facilities for the end user. In the WHIPS (WareHousing Information Project at Stanford) project, on the other hand, we focus on the integration component. In particular, we have developed an architecture and implemented a prototype for identifying data changes at heterogeneous sources, transforming them and summarizing them in accordance to warehouse specifications, and incrementally integrating them into the warehouse. We propose to demonstrate our prototype at SIGMOD, illustrating the main features of our architecture. Our architecture

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