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Mediation to Implement Feedback in Training

Maluf, David and Gio, W. and Ted, L. (1997) Mediation to Implement Feedback in Training. Technical Report. Stanford InfoLab. (Publication Note: CrossTalk: Journal of Defense Software Engineering Software Technology Support Center, Department of Defense)




The problem addressed by Mediation to Implement Feedback in Training (MIFT) is to customize the feedback from training exercises by exploiting knowledge about the training scenario, training objectives, and specific student/teacher needs. We achieve this by inserting an intelligent mediation layer into the information flow from observations collected during training exercises to the display and user interface. Knowledge about training objectives, scenarios, and tasks is maintained in the mediating layer. A designer constraint is that domain experts must be able to extend mediators by adding domain-specific knowledge that supports additional aggregations, abstractions, and views of the results of training exercises. The MIFT mediation concept is intended to be integrated with existing military training exercise management tools and reduce the cost of developing and maintaining separate feedback and evaluation tools for every training simulator and every set of customer needs. The MIFT Architecture is designed as a set of independently reusable components which interact with each other through standardized formalisms such as the Knowledge Interchange Format (KIF) [Genesereth92] and Knowledge Query and Manipulation Language (KQML).

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