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The INEEL Data Integration Mediation System

Panchapagesan, P and Hui, J. and Wiederhold, G. and Erickson, S. and Dean, L. and Hempstead, A. (1999) The INEEL Data Integration Mediation System. In: International ICSC Symposium on Advances in Intelligent Data Analysis (AIDA 1999), June 22-25, 1999, Rochester, NY.




Large Organizations often store their information in multiple separate, idependently-controlled locations, in projects starting at different times. Decision-making over shared concerns becomes difficult because of the effort involved getting an overall picture of the data. Furthermore, it is very difficult to get different groups or individulas to agree on one integrated view of the total collection of data. The INEEL Data Integration Mediation system (IDIMS) addresses the problem of integrating data retrieved from multiple heterogeneous data sources. IDIMS allows differing views across the same or overlapping sets of data sources to be created and used. IDIMS was initially applied to an INEEL environmental restoration domain and later applied to a separate State of Pennsylvania domain. This paper discusses the design and implementaion of IDIMS within INEEL.

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