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P-Swoosh: Parallel Algorithm for Generic Entity Resolution

Kawai, Hideki and Garcia-Molina, Hector and Benjelloun, Omar and Menestrina, David and Whang, Euijong and Gong, Heng (2006) P-Swoosh: Parallel Algorithm for Generic Entity Resolution. Technical Report. Stanford.




Entity Resolution (ER) is a problem that arises in many information integration applications. ER process identifies duplicated records that refer to the same real-world entity (match process), and derives composite information about the entity (merge process). Additionally, the merged record can match another records recursively. Since the ER process is typically compute-intensive, it is important to distribute the ER workload across multiple processors. In this paper, we propose a parallel algorithm for ER, P-Swoosh, which uses generic match and merge functions and allows load balancing between processors. Our evaluation results using Yahoo! shopping data demonstrates the almost linear scalability from 2 to 15 processors.

Item Type:Techreport (Technical Report)
Uncontrolled Keywords:entity resolution, deduplication, record linkage, object identification, information integration, distributed system, parallel algorithm
Subjects:Computer Science > Databases and the Web
Computer Science > Distributed Systems
Computer Science > Data Integration and Mediation
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