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Trio: A System for Data, Uncertainty, and Lineage

Widom, Jennifer (2008) Trio: A System for Data, Uncertainty, and Lineage. In: Managing and Mining Uncertain Data. Springer.




This chapter covers the Trio database management system. Trio is a robust prototype that supports uncertain data and data lineage, along with the standard features of a relational DBMS. Trio's new ULDB data model is an extension to the relational model capturing various types of uncertainty along with data lineage, and its TriQL query language extends SQL with a new semantics for uncertain data and new constructs for querying uncertainty and lineage. Trio's data model and query language are implemented as a translation-based layer on top of a conventional relational DBMS, with some stored procedures for functionality and increased efficiency. Trio provides both an API and a full-featured graphical user interface.

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